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  Application of Nano Zinc Oxide

Nano-zinc oxide has high activity and has many unique functions such as shielding infrared and ultraviolet rays, sterilization and health care, cooling or keeping warm.

Nano zinc oxide application range:

1. Vulcanization activator in the rubber industry, catalyst and additive in the petrochemical industry, the preferred material for automobile tires, aircraft tires, industrial cable industries and zinc oxide ceramics.

2. For paint, transparent rubber, latex and plastic industries, it can increase product strength, compactness, adhesion and smoothness.

3. Antibacterial and antibacterial agents and deodorizing materials, medicine and hygiene, textile sterilizing materials, glass ceramic bactericidal self-cleaning materials, and bactericidal dressings in the pharmaceutical industry.

4. Electronic industry and instrument industry, manufacturing electrical devices, radio, wireless fluorescent lamps, image recorders, rheostats, phosphors. the

5. Sunscreen agent in cosmetics, antibacterial, moisturizing, astringent, health care and anti-aging.

6. Functional fibers and textiles have many unique functions such as shielding ultraviolet rays, absorbing infrared rays, sterilizing health care, cooling or keeping warm.

7. Military industry: infrared absorbing materials.

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