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  Company to develop new products - zinc phosphate ZPA-2

Technical indicators (parametric Technical)

Inspection items (items Test)                              standards (Standard)

Whiteness                                                          95

Zinc oxide %                                                       44±1

Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5)%                                          39 + 1

Three oxidation of two aluminum (Al2O3)%                              3.2

Oil absorption (Absorption Oil)                                       35 5

PH (Value pH)                                                           5-7

Fineness (325 mesh) (of Fineness Degree (325mesh))%                     0.1

600 degrees Celsius (600 degrees loss on dry weight loss drying)%      ≤ 12-14

CD Cd ppm =                                                              10

Copper Cu ppm =                                                           10

Mercury Hg ppm =                                                           5

Lead Pb ppm =                                                           20

As As ppm is less than or equal to                                       5

Mn Mn ppm =                                                              20

Modified zinc phosphate is in positive zinc phosphate based join collaborative anti rust material and modifier was used to modify the surface of and improve the solubility of zinc phosphate, in order that the rust of mission, to make up for the problem of the lack of zinc phosphate pre antirust ability, and delay the effect of paint coating and improve the anticorrosion ability, can better apply in water and oily coating. This modifier is also non-toxic and low metal environmental protection material, and is a kind of anti rust pigment which is suitable for the paint system in the white nontoxic and harmless..

The company will follow the development of more and better zinc phosphate series, welcome customers to inquire Oh ~ ~ ~.




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