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  A new product, zinc phosphate ZPG-S specially used in water-based paints, is on the market

The latest modified zinc phosphate developed by our company has two types and three types, one is aluminum ion modified zinc phosphate ZPA-2; the other is polymer modified ZPG-S and ZPG-Y.

Modified zinc phosphate is developed to address the shortcomings of ordinary zinc orthophosphate in the anti-rust process. It is a high-tech product that is modified on the surface of ordinary zinc orthophosphate. Compared with ordinary zinc orthophosphate, ZPA-2 is a Doping zinc orthophosphate by high-tech means, adding synergistic anti-corrosion materials and modifiers, improving the solubility of zinc phosphate and strengthening the antirust ability of the machine group, overcoming the early rust prevention of zinc orthophosphate coating Insufficient ability and effective time delay enable zinc phosphate to achieve short, medium and long-term stable antirust effects in the active antirust process. Users can deploy it in different systems according to needs and skills;

  ZPG series products use high technology to carry out surface grafting treatment on ultra-fine powders. By improving the activity, dispersibility, salt spray resistance and adhesion of zinc phosphate, the antirust ability of zinc phosphate is improved. It is an efficient A new type of anti-rust pigment with a more prominent price-performance ratio. The application of modified zinc phosphate in heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings will become increasingly widespread, such as high-speed rail, ships, automobiles, military industry, containers, roads and bridges, steel frame structures, electromechanical equipment, etc. ZPG-S is suitable for active anti-rust pigments in water-based paints, and ZPG-Y is suitable for active anti-rust pigments in oil-based paints. The specific indicators can be viewed on our product page, or contact our corporate email for information! Email is .


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