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  Another new product, zinc phosphate ZPG-S listed

We have three kinds of two kinds of modified zinc phosphate in our company. One is zinc phosphate ZPA-2 modified by Al ion, and one is modified by high molecular modification ZPG-S and ZPG-Y.

Effect of anti rust and antirust soluble zinc and zinc on the development and problems appeared in the process of modified zinc phosphate is the normal zinc phosphate in the rust in normal zinc phosphate surface modified treatment of high technology products, compared to the normal zinc phosphate, ZPA-2 high-tech means orthophosphate doping and adding the synergistic anticorrosion material modification agent to improve the phosphate and unwisely machine group of anti rust capability to overcome the zinc phosphate coating is pre antirust ability deficiency and delay the effect of defects, the zinc phosphate activity in the process to achieve short, medium and long term stability, the user can according to need and skills in different system deployment.

ZPG series products are the use of high technology of superfine powder of surface grafting treatment, by increasing the activity of zinc phosphate, dispersion resistance, salt spray resistance and adhesion, to improve the ability of the zinc phosphate rust is a potency ratio of new anticorrosive pigment in the more prominent. The modified zinc phosphate in heavy anti-corrosion coatings applications will become increasingly widespread, such as high speed rail, marine, automotive, military, container compartment, road and bridge, steel structure, mechanical and electrical equipment and so on. ZPG-S for antirust pigments in waterborne coatings. ZPG-Y applicable to do antirust pigment in oil paint, specific indicators can view in our product page or contact our enterprise mailbox requests for information! Email is

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