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  Application of zinc phosphate

Application of zinc phosphate

1, zinc phosphate application in paint

Mainly used for anti-corrosion, the body color is pure white color, easy to.

Principle: zinc phosphate in water, oxygen, and ferric and ferrous ions combine to form a stable complex film, which formed me (metal) 2Zn2P2O5 compact passivation film, can effectively isolate the metal and oxygen to the oxidation reaction, in order to achieve a preservative effect. Additionally, ammonium salt has a strong corrosion effect on metals, and zinc phosphate can inhibit the infiltration and diffusion of ammonium ion to film coating.. The metal surface "phosphate" and keep passive. Phosphate can inhibit the corrosion of ammonium ion to metal. Zinc ion is formed at the steel surface of the negative protection, preventing further metal corrosion.

Requirements: the zinc phosphate granularity of small, so that it can evenly distributed in the paint, the effective uniform of the steel body surface, so that the surface of the steel can better play a role in anti-corrosion anti-corrosion.

Application advantages: zinc phosphate production primer non-toxic harmless to replace red lead and zinc chromate, traditional heavy metal anticorrosive and antirust pigment, more excellent rust prevention capability and traditional antirust pigment and its spatial structure can make it as a primer or intermediate coat has better anti impact capability. Especially after the modified zinc phosphate, due to the phosphate ion and zinc ion more easily ionized, anti rust effect basic and zinc chromate equivalent. The epoxy zinc phosphate is involved in zinc powder after a better effect, can increase the working life of the body of the paint, anti rust effect more obvious, the market with zinc rich primer and epoxy zinc phosphate intermediate paint in the open-air heavy anti-corrosion and open-air venue construction widely used such as the Three Gorges hydropower station, Qinshan nuclear power plant, container.

Application domain:

(1), as the paint of epoxy zinc phosphate used as antirust primer in the ports, docks, heavy machinery, mining machinery, food machinery, electrical machinery, chemical equipment, water conservancy and other iron and steel structure, and the ship above the waterline parts of steel structure.

(2) the zinc system phosphating solution; the main technology section for rust treatment of steel surface rust.

Principle: phosphoric acid with zinc phosphate, surface active agent with configuration of liquid, after contact with the steel can effectively dissolved iron oxide and release iron ion and dense complex protective film is formed on the surface of steel.

Application advantages: higher activity of zinc ions, can very good with ferrous ions form complex protective film, treatment does not affect the paint the steel.

Application areas: automotive, high-speed rail, ship, construction of external steel (cold rolling processing)

(3), mainly used for dental adhesives; used in adhesives

Principle: powder, zinc oxide, solvent, zinc phosphate in accordance with the ratio of the ratio after the use of zinc phosphate non-toxic acid and alkali dissociation constant of the nature of the.

Application advantages: the obtained colloidal mechanical strength is good, solidification fast, non-toxic.

Application: Medical dentistry

(4) bonding sintering additives for electronic flame retardant materials additive, low temperature glass, and high grade transparent ceramics.

2, in the use of electronic glass

Zinc phosphate is also used in special glass and optoelectronics industry, such as low-temperature phosphate glass powder, etc..

3, the use of flame retardant

Zinc phosphate has the role of flame retardant, in rubber, plastic, zinc phosphate flame retardant filler, can play a good flame retardant effect, as flame retardant, is also used in the flame retardant paint.

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