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  Aluminium Triphosphate
  Aluminium Triphosphate

1.Product Type:Anti-corrosion pigment

2.Chemical Class: AlH2P3010·2H2O

3.Appreance: white powder

4.CAS No.: 13939-25-8

5.Application: The pigments are widely used in a variety of primer and paint the bottom one, and varnishes affinity good, with a variety of pigments, fillers used in conjunction, can also be combined with a variety of anti-rust paint, can be prepared by a variety of high-performance anti-corrosion coatings. Suitable phenolic resins, alkyd resins, epoxy resins, epoxy polyester and acrylic resin solvent-based coatings and various water-soluble resin coating (eg: highly adaptable dip painting water-based epoxy acrylate, etc.); also be applied and mastic coatings, powder coatings, organic titanium anti-corrosion coatings, rust paint and asphalt varnish, zinc-rich primer, fire retardant paint, heat resistant paint.


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