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  Complex Zinc Phosphate
  Complex Zinc Phosphate

Anti-rust mechanism: free phosphate ions form a passivation film and cross-link with other pigment ions to form a complex, which acts as a shielding protection.

Product features: It is non-toxic and odorless, and after surface modification treatment, the properties shown in the coating production after corrosion inhibitor coating are similar to zinc phosphate and aluminum tripolyphosphate. It can replace traditional antirust pigments such as zinc phosphate, zinc chromate, zinc oxide, and aluminum tripolyphosphate in equal amounts to produce various antirust paints;
Introduction to use: This product is equivalent to replacing zinc phosphate and aluminum tripolyphosphate. The proportion of use in paint formulations is about 5-15%. The price is reasonable. At the same time, it can replace zinc oxide and be used in epoxy series anti-corrosion coatings and other paints. .

Application fields: It has a wide range of paint choices, and can be used in oil-based, water-based, alkyd, epoxy, volatile paints, and cross-linked curing paints. Mainly used in epoxy anti-corrosion series, automobile, railway locomotive carriage, engine chassis paint, fireproof coating, coil coating and other fields. The price and performance of this product are superior to traditional anti-rust materials. It has been widely used in the country and has been recognized by many experts!

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